The DDA-SI toolbox for MATLAB:

1) Standard DDA for free space light scattering calculations

2) DDA with surface interaction (DDA-SI)

3) Discrete rotational symmetry-optimized DDA, T-matrix formulation (not include in release v0.1)

Download link for beta releases,



Functions from the Optical Tweezers Toolbox are also required:

The functions are for coordinate transformation, generating beam shape coefficients for arbitrary illumination, vector spherical wave functions etc.

Please cite the accompanying paper:

Vincent. L.Y. Loke, M. Pinar Mengüç and Timo A. Nieminen, "Discrete dipole approximation with surface interaction: Computational toolbox for MATLAB", JQSRT, Vol. 27 Issue 10, pp.2293-2303 (2010),

Associated theoretical paper for reference:

Vincent. L.Y. Loke and M. Pinar Mengüç, "Surface waves and atomic force microscope probe-particle near-field coupling: discrete dipole approximation with surface interaction", JOSA A, Vol. 27 Issue 10, pp.2293-2303 (2010),

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