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Electromagnetic codes available (16.05.1994)

This note intends to answer frequently asked questions  con-
cerning  electromagnetic  codes.  It  mainly lists codes for
computation  of  electromagnetic  scattering  by  dielectric
spheres, spheroids, bodies of revolution and irregular scat-
If you know of any code not listed, please send an e-mail to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will then include it in this list.

Mie code
for scattering by dielectric spheres
MIEV.tar by Warren J. Wiscombe
available by FTP from microwave.jpl.nasa.gov
in directory/pub

Coated sphere
BHCOAT and BHMIE listed in
C.F. Bohren, D. Huffman
Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles
J. Wiley & Sons, New York 1983
A  precompiled version of BHMIE for MS-DOS is available from
Chuck  Harrison  via  ftp   to   netcom.com   in   directory

Optically active sphere
FORTRAN code listed in
C.F. Bohren
Light scattering by optically active particles
PhD 1975, University of Arizona
available from University Microfilm International

for scattering by axisymmetric particles.
T1.FOR, T2.FOR abailable on disk in
P.W. Barber, S.C. Hill
Light Scattering by Particles: Computational Methods
World Scientific, Singapore 1990

for electromagnetic and acoustic scattering by spheres.
TMAT.FOR listed in
V.V. Varadan, A. Lakhtaria, V.K. Varadan
Field representation and introduction to scattering.
North Holland, Amsterdam 1991

for scattering by  conducting bodies.
TMAT.FOR by P.C. Watermann listed in
R. Mittra (editor)
Computer Techniques for Electromagnetics.
Washington 1973

scattering by randomly oriented spheroids
FORTRAN code sisted in
F.Ja. Sid'ko, V.N. Lopatin, L.E. Paramonov
Poljarizacionn'ie  harakteristiki  vzvesej biologieceskih
Nauka, Novosibirsk 1990

Generalised multipole technique for electro-magnetic simula-
MMP.FOR available on disk in
Christian Hafner, Lars Bomholt
The 3D Electromagnetic Wave Simulator
Wiley, Chichester 1993
$ 384.00

Transmission line method
for stripe line and wave guide problems.
Code available on disk in
W.J.R. Hoefer, P.P.M. So
The Electromagnetic Wave Simulator
Wiley, Chichester

Moment Method
for scattering by inhomogeneous body.
Moment Method Volume Integral code
listed in
Johnson J.H. Wang
Generalized Moment Methods in Electromagnetics
Wiley, New York

Finite difference time domain code for 3D scattering by  ir-
regular scatterers
FDTDA.FOR by Raymond J. Luebbers
listed in
Karl S. Kunz, Raymond J. Luebbers
Finite  Difference  Time Domain Method for Electromagnet-
CRC Press, Boca Raton 1993
also available by FTP from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
in directory/pub/aces/fdtd

Comercial X-Windows version
(XFDTD $ 4940) available from
Calder Square
POBox 10023
State College, PA 16805

Finite Integration Theory
MAFIA commercial CAE programme
(DM 1500,-- for German universities) available from
Lauteschlägerstr. 38
D-64289  Darmstadt

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