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We acknowledge support of this project by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) within the special program "Themenorientierte Informationsnetzwerke".

The page is hosted by the University of Bremen.

JDAY by Alex Yuffa is a Fortran code for a  new integral equation method for direct electromagnetic scattering in homogeneous media
developed by choosing an electric field and its normal derivative as the boundary unknowns.

  • Link (17 Dec 2012)

Scuff-EM libraries for Boundary-Element Analysis of 3D and 2D Electromagnetic Scattering Problems by by M T Homer Reid.

BBMM (Bare Bones Method of Moments solver) by Sanjay Velamparambil is a simple, fast multipole accelerated, electric field integral equation (EFIE) solver for free space electromagnetic scattering problems. It can handle perfectly conducing objects in free space modeled using flat triangles.

The Method of Moment (MoM) has been used for solving the problem of scattering by a three dimensional body of revolution. Mathematica code printed in

Muath Gouda: The method of moment for the electromagnetic scattering from bodies of revolution. Master’s Degree Thesis, University College of Borås, Borås, 2008.

  • Link (19 Oct 2009)

GLMoM by Yaxun Liu is an open-sourceelectromagnetic field simulator using Method of Moments. It has a MFC/OpenGL-based GUI and can simulate and visualize scattering and radiation problems in homogeneous and multilayered media.

  • Link (25 Sep 2009)

Java application by Michael A. Lee and Kevin E. Schmidt to compute the scattering of a plane electromagnetic wave from a thin conducting wire.

MOM3D by Shaeffer, John F. is a FORTRAN Method of Moments Code for electromagnetic scattering analysis of open or closed 3-D perfectly conducting or resistive surfaces.

MOM3D FORTRAN program for scattering analysis of open or closed 3d conducting or resistive surfaces.

UNIX version LAR-15074, MS-DOS version LAR-15130 available from

COSMIC, University of Georgia, 382 East Broad Street, Athens, GA 30602, USA.

The Nyström technique was applied in order to solve the Electric Field Integral Equation (EFIE) in the TM case and the Magnetic Field Integral Equation (MFIE) in the TE case. Fortran and Matlab programs printed in W. Todd Doughty: Roughness correction model for reflection from perfectly conducting scatterers. Bachelor of Science Thesis, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, August 2008.

Puma-EM is a free, open-source program that performs electromagnetic computations by using the surface method of moments, extended with the Multi Level Fast Multipole Method for memory and CPU efficiency.

Sequential (SEQ_EMCODE.tar) and parallel (PARALLEL_EMCODE.tar) CFIE-FMM (Combined Field Integral Equation - Fast Multipole Method) Time Domain Code for PEC (Perfect Electrically Conducting) scatterers by Balasubramanium Shanker.

The code has originally been developed  using the Portland Group (pgcc, pgf90, pgf77) compilers but can easily be adapted for the MinGW C++ and the G95 compilers. Please replace missing SEQ_EMCODE files by versions from PARALLEL_EMCODE. Geometry input files can be generated by converting Wavefront .obj files.

  • Link (28 Nov 2008)
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