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Lasers and Interactions with Particles (LIP), Rouen, France 2012, March 26-30 is a reformatted follow-up of the conferences on Optical Particle Sizing and on Optical Particle Characterization.

Following the conferences on Optical Particle Sizing and on Optical Particle Characterization (Rouen, France: 1987; Phoenix, USA: 1990; Yokohama, Japan: 1993; Nürnberg, Germany: 1995; Minneapolis, USA: 1998; Brighton, England, 2001; Kyoto, Japan: 2004; Graz, Austria: 2007), we are pleased to announce the continuation of the series in an up-to-dated format, under the title: Lasers and Interactions with Particles (LIP).

The 9th-LIP conference will be held in Rouen, France, March 26-30 2012. The conference will be dedicated to the study of interactions between laser beams and particles, from theory to practice, encompassing inparticular the following topics: optical particle sizing and characterization, internal …fields and morphology-dependent-resonances, mechanical effects of light, the use of pulsed lasers, multiple scattering, and so on.

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