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We acknowledge support of this project by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) within the special program "Themenorientierte Informationsnetzwerke".

The page is hosted by the University of Bremen.

B-CALM or Belgium California Light Machine is a fast 3D GPU-based Finite-Difference Time-Domain simulation tool for electromagnetic simulations.

  • Link (30 Oct 2012)

Angora by Ilker R. Capoglu is a free, open-source software package that computes numerical solutions to electromagnetic radiation and scattering problems. It is based on the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method.

  • Link (23 Oct 2012)


Electromagnetic Template Library (EMTL) is a free C++ program for electromagnetic simulations. The current version of the program is designed for quick and efficient programming of FDTD simulations and for extending the available FDTD algorithms with new techniques and features.

  • Link (18 Oct 2012)


openEMS is a free and open electromagnetic field solver using the FDTD method. Matlab or Octave are used as an easy and flexible scripting interface.



NUFDTD, finite difference time domain code for electromagnetics simulation by Seth Daniel Baum.


Collection of open source FDTD programs by Doug Neubauer.

  • Link (17 Jan 2011)


Edwolf by Kevin Guangran Zhu is an electromagnetic simulator for scattering problems based on the finite-difference time-domain method. The code is writen in C++ with extensive use of design patterns.

  • Link (17 Jan 2011)


Simple finite-difference time-domain Sfdtd by Paul Panserrieu is the squeleton of an end-user 3D-FDTD code and has been implemented for the comparison of various open boundary conditions in a traditional cubic grid. The code simulates an electric dipole in free space, which means that there is no material implementation.



EMWave2D by Wayan Sudiarta is a program for simulating 2D electromagnetic wave propagation. EMWave2D is based on solving the Maxwell’s equations by the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method.





Educational FDTD 3d software by Salvador González García




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