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Understanding the FDTD Method (online book) by John B. Schneider.


  • Link (17 Jan 2011)

Starting from today the parallel Fortran version of the Null-field Method with Discrete Sources (NFM-DS) is available. The NFM-DS is an extension of the Null-field Method (also called T-Matrix Method) to compute light scattering by arbitrarily shaped dielectric particles and particles on a plane interface.


  • Link (16 Apr 2010)

Adrian Doicu,Thomas Trautmann, Franz Schreier

Numerical Regularization for Atmospheric Inverse Problems

Springer Praxis, Berlin, Heidelberg 2010.

  • Link (18 Dez 2010)


Changyi Su, Haixin Ke, Todd Hubing: Overview of Electromagnetic Modeling Software. 25th Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics March 8 - March 12, 2009 - Monterey, California.

Van de Hulst Light-Scattering Award

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer (JQSRT) announces:

We are very pleased to announce that Elsevier has established the Van de Hulst Light-Scattering Award. The Award will be presented every two years and consist of a glass statuette and an official Elsevier certificate.

The Award is meant to celebrate the life-time achievement of an individual scientist who has made a landmark contribution to the research field of electromagnetic scattering by particles and its applications. This Elsevier Award will be administered by the Editors and Publisher of the Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer.




T. Hubing, C. Su, H. Zeng and H. Ke: Survey of Current Computational Electromagnetics Techniques and Software, Technical Report, CVEL-08-011.2, Clemson University September 21, 2008.


Quinten, Michael
Optical Properties of Nanoparticle Systems
Mie and Beyond

1. Edition - January 2011
129.- Euro
2011. XIV, 488 Pages, Hardcover
320 Fig. (11 Colored Fig.)
- Monograph -
ISBN-10: 3-527-41043-0
ISBN-13: 978-3-527-41043-9 - Wiley-VCH, Berlin


  • Link (11 Nov 2010)




New Improvements for Mie Scattering Calculations
V.E. Cachorro, L.L. Salcedo, (Submitted on 19 Mar 2001)

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