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We acknowledge support of this project by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) within the special program "Themenorientierte Informationsnetzwerke".

The page is hosted by the University of Bremen.

The 14th Electromagnetic and Light Scattering Conference ELS-XIV will be held in Lille, France from 17 to 21 of June 2013.

  • Link (21 May 2012)


"Light scattering in an industrial context -

Measurement and simulation"

Institut für Werkstofftechnik, IWT, Bremen, 15. + 16. March 2012


ETOPIM (Electrical, Transport and Optical Properties of Inhomogeneous Media)

The 9th edition of the ETOPIM conference series will take place from September 2nd to 7th, 2012 in the "Jardins du Pharo" in the typically mediterranean city of Marseille.

  • Link (17 April 2009)

4th Conference on Computational Thermal Radiation in Participating Media (CTRPM-4). Following the conferences held in Mons (2003), Poitiers (2006) and Lisbon (2009), this fourth edition will be held in Nancy, France, on April 18-20th, 2012.

The 2012 European Aerosol Conference will be held in the fine city of Granada in the South-east of Spain during the period 2nd-7th September 2012.

  • Link (3 April 2012)

Institut für Werkstofftechnik, IWT, Bremen,

Achtung! Neues Datum und Uhrzeit:   14. April 2011, 16.00-18.00 h

Informationsnetzwerke und fachspezifische Wissenschaftsportale zum Austausch von wissenschaftlichen Daten, Computerprogrammen und anderen relevanten elektronischen Ressourcen finden im wissenschaftlichen Bereich eine immer weitere Verbreitung. Die Relevanz von Wissenschaftsportalen zeigt sich auch dadurch, dass der Aufbau von Portalen z. B. von der DFG gefördert wird.

Lasers and Interactions with Particles (LIP), Rouen, France 2012, March 26-30 is a reformatted follow-up of the conferences on Optical Particle Sizing and on Optical Particle Characterization.


13th International SAOT Workshop on Nonlinear Optics and Interfaces

April 26-27, 2011 - Erlangen, Germany

General information
The workshop will address

  • fundamental aspects of nonlinear optics
  • advanced optical techniques for the characterization of interfaces
  • characterization of nanoparticles and colloids using nonlinear optics.

Workshop "Inverse problems and numerical methods in applications"

Institut für Werkstofftechnik, IWT, Bremen, 8. + 9. March 2012


A group photo is available here. The Book of Abstracts can be downloaded here. The programme is available here.

Call for papers

Workshop "Nano structures on surfaces and light scattering"

Institut für Werkstofftechnik, IWT, Bremen, 24. + 25. March 2011

New deadline: 15. Feb. 2011


Detailed Information about upcoming and past conferences.
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