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Jolab is a free and open-source Julia package to simulate light propagation in optical systems. The package implements rigorous, full-wave optical models to simulate light propagation on setups. The package is built to be easily usable by any user independent of its background in theoretical optics.


Focus field calculations

In analogy to the classical Debye formulation and the seminal work by Wolf and Richards, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. reformulated the calculation of the electromagnetic field in the focus of high numerical aperture objectives based on a Fourier or chirp z transform.

  • Link (1 Jun 2016)



PyFocus is a Python package that provides high-level functions and an user interface to perform full vectorial calculations of the focus of an electromagnetic field that has been modulated by a custom phase mask.

  • Link (31 Jan 2022)

layerlab: A Python-based toolbox for computations involving layered materials.

  • Link (29 Feb 2016)

Gaussian beam without approximation

We use the angular spectrum representation to compute exactly the Gaussian beam close to the waist (w0) in the case of highly nonparaxial field (w0<λ). The computation is done in the vectorial case for a polarized Gaussian beam. In the area of the waist, the contribution of the propagating and evanescent waves is discussed. Moreover, the Gaussian wave is developed in terms of series, which permits to get analytical expressions for both propagating and evanescent waves when the observation is close to the waist.

  • Link (25 Apr 2021)

MontCarl, Monte-Carlo simulations of light scattering and absorption  in turbid media, like tissue.

  • Link (29 feb 2016)


Transfer Matrix Method implementation & RefractiveIndex.info database (2015-05-24) browser for layered systems of isotropic dielectric materials.

  • Link (23 Apr 2021)V

OTS Optical Tweezers Software

OTS is comprehensive MatLab software toolbox to work with optical tweezers by Philip H. Jones, Onofrio M. Maragò & Giovanni Volpe.

  • Link (7 Dec 2015)

HoloRec3D: Digital Holography Matlab Toolbox

  • Link (10 May 2017)

1DPyHC: A simple code for 1D plasmonic crystals

A python code to calculate the optical properties of 1D Photonic Crystals by Giovanni Pellegrini.

  • Link (28 Oct 2015)



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