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Coupled-dipole simulations for electromagnetic scattering of light by sub-wavelength particles in arbitrary 3-dimensional configurations.

Extended DDA (e-DDA)

Extended discrete dipole approximation, DDA application to bianisotropic media.

Coupled Dipole Approximation (CDA)

Coupled Dipole Approximation with Linux parallel compatibility.


The electromagnetic transmission-scattering problem. The method is an efficient weak coupling formulation between the boundary element method and the high-order finite element method. The approach is based on the use of a non-overlapping domain decomposition method involving quasi-optimal transmission operators. 

CDPDS  Coupled dipole method-based photonic dispersion solver

A photonic band dispersion solver based on the coupled dipole method called CDPDS, which aims to provide an analytical computation of bulk and boundary dispersions and topological phases of a one-dimensional and two-dimensional photonic crystal consisting of an array of particles.

IF-DDA Idiot Friendly-Discrete dipole approximation

IF-DDA is a numerical tool for solving the electromagnetic scattering problem in three dimensions. IF-DDA is based on the DDA (discrete dipole approximation) which is a volume-integral equation method.

  • Link (25 Apr 2021)



The code can handle N scatterer systems in arbitrary settings, but shines for cyclic polygon settings



The Foldy-Lax equation is generalized for a medium which consists of particles with both electric and magnetic responses. The result is used to compute fields scattered from ensembles of particles.


Rank-one Decomposition accelerated DDA method (RD-DDA)

Link (2 May 2023)




Matlab repository for computing electromagnetic scattering by dielectric particles.

  • Link (28 Dec 2020)

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