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Java superposition T-matrix Application: version-3.0

  • Link (23 March 2023)


Open-source research software to simulate and fit neutron and x-ray reflectometry and grazing-incidence small-angle scattering.

  • Link (31 Dec 2020)



A Julia package for calculating, processing and plotting waves travelling in heterogeneous materials. The focus is on ensemble averaged waves.
At present, the package focuses on materials filled with randomly placed particles. You can calculate effective wavenumbers for 2D and 3D acoustics, wave transmission and wave reflection in 2D and 3D, and scattering from an inhomogeneous sphere.
  • Link (26 Sep 2022)


QPMS software suite

QPMS (QPMS Photonic Multiple Scattering) is a toolkit for frequency-domain simulations of photonic systems consisting of compact objects (particles) inside a homogeneous medium.



A Julia library for simulating, processing, and plotting multiple scattering of waves.

The library focuses on multipole methods (addition translation theorems) to solve the inhomogeneous Helmholtz equation (time-harmonic waves). 

  • Link (26 Sep 2022)



A Julia package for solving large-scale electromagnetic scattering problems in two dimensions; specifically, those containing a large number of penetrable smooth particles. Provides the ability to optimize over the particle parameters for various design problems.

  • Link (5 April 2019)


Multi Spheres T-matrix Studio

Python wrapper for multiple sphere T-matrix (MSTM) code and Mie theory to calculate surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectrum and fit it to experiment.

  • Link (22 Apr 2021)


Broadband Interactive Mie Simulator (BIM-Sim)

BIM-Sim is a software package for simulating electromagnetic interactions with spherical scatterers.


MiePy by Jahn Parker is a Python module to solve Maxwell's equations for a cluster of particles using the generalized multiparticle Mie theory (GMMT) .

  • Link (22 Apr 2021)

Fast superposition T-matrix method FasSTMM

The FORTRAN program by Johannes Markkanen FastMM computes electromagnetic scattering by a group of spheres with the superposition T-matrix method.

  • Link (24 Jan 2018)
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