19 | 03 | 2018

Discrete Dipole Approximation - Review and Advances by B. T. Draine and P. J. Flatau.

Conjugate gradient FFT volume integral method FORTRAN program printed in

Manuel F. Catedra, Emilio Gago, Luis Nuno, 3 D BODY Computer Code

in W. Ross Stone (Ed.) Radar Cross Section of Complex Objects, IEEE Press, New York 1989 p. 150-183 (pages 160 and 161 interchanged!).

The Discrete Dipole Approximation for Scattering and Absorption of Light by Irregular Particles.

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A version of Catedra's FORTRAN code (CG-FFT) including a Matlab 5.2 Graphical User Interface is available from Aharon Blank.

A collection of DDA references.

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Volume Integral Equation code by by Jouni Peltoniemi.