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Validating the method of fundamental solutions for computing the total scattering cross-section of a sphere. The notebook is intended for validating the model presented in the paper entitled, "Modeling broadband cloaking using 3D nano-assembled plasmonic meta structures," by M. Khan, S. Ghosh, R. Baxter, and A. D. Kim (2020).

  • Link (30 Jan 2022)



Python routines for tracking and characterizing colloidal particles with in-line holographic video microscopy (HVM)

  • Link (31 Jul 2021)



A MATLAB function GCforce is presented for the calculation of gradient and scattering parts of optical force (OF).


Julia implementation of Mie theory for nanophotonics by Hinamoto, Tatsuki.

  • Link (23 Apr 2021)

Elliptical Gaussian Beam

cpp code for Light scattering of a spherical particle illuminated by an elliptical Gaussian beam by Jianqi Shen. The link includes the code and references.



GLMTscatt by Luiz Felipe Machado Votto GMTL-based electromagnetic field simulator

Luiz Felipe Machado Votto

Generalized Lorenz Mie Repository

This repository holds code for calculating optical fields and forces on spherical particles in generalized Lorenz-Mie theory.



PyMieSim by Martin Poinsinet de Sivry-Houle is a very easy to install/use tool for extensive Mie scattering analysis. It includes a focused Gaussian beam as incident field.

  • Link (22 Apr 2021)



This is a simple code that implements a generalized Lorenz-Mie theory (GLMT) solver for electromagnetic scattering from spherically-symmetric bodies.



pySCATMECH is a Python interface to the SCATMECH library of scattering codes.

  • Link (31 Dec 2020)



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