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Toon and Ackerman's Fortran code for stratified spheres is included in this program.


FORTRAN program printed in

C. D. Cantrell, Numerical Methods for the Accurate Calculation of Spherical Bessel Functions
and the Location of Mie Resonances
, Center for Applied Optics University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, TX 75083-0688 August 2, 1988; references updated 2006.

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  • Link (13 Nov 2021)

Mathematica package that performs precise Mie calculations for a solid sphere with automatic arbitrary precision arithmetic by Sergio Aragón.

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Mie scattering by ensembles of particles with very large size parameters by S. Wolf, N.V. Voshchinnikov.

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DELPI (Diffusion Electromagnétique de la Lumière par des Particules Isolées) software to calculate the scattering diagrams & cross sections of homogeneous or multilayered spheres using with the Lorenz-Mie theory.

WinXP program by Fabrice Onofri.

  • Link (16 May 2014)

Mie Maple Worksheet with Japanese text.

  • Link (28 Nov 2008)

MATLAB implementation of the exact solution for the n-layer sphere scattering problem by G. Chliveros and M.A. Rodrigues.

Technical Report: MERI-04-01(6.6.2005).

Mathematica notebook for Mie Scattering in Absorbing Medium by I Wayan Sudiarta.

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The miegamma FORTRAN code calculates the extinction and scattering coefficients and the single scattering albedo for a gamma distribution of spherical particles using Lorenz-Mie scattering.

  • Link (28 Nov 2008)

Various Mie programs in the IDL language are available.

  • Link (28 Nov 2008)


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