12 | 06 | 2021

The routine returns the total extinction, dipole extinction, quadrupole extinction, (elastic) scattering, and absorption cross sections, albedo, and, optionally, the T-matrix elements for the scattering off a single multilayered sphere. By Alexander Moroz.

C++ codes to compute various spherical harmonic functions including Mie scattering coefficients by Orion Sky Lawlor.

Fortran program for Mie theory printed in a paper (1977) by  Ghanshayam A. Shah.

Matlab code to calculate the amplitude scattering matrix elements and efficiencies for extinction, total scattering, and backscattering for a given size parameter and relative refractive index by Wayne H. Slade.

A new closed form solution to light scattering by spherical nanoshells by Le-Wei Li.

Mathematica scattering code for solid dielectric sphere, a conducting sphere, a thin spherical shell, a coated sphere by Sergio Aragon and Chris Zimmer.

The Java 2D Mie theory code calculates the analytical fields from scattering by an infinite cylinder. By Jeffrey M. McMahon.

Written in C++, CoreShellX allows the calculation of the scattering, absorption, and extinction cross-sections of a sphere of any size with an arbitrary number of concentric shells. Code by Charles Rohde.

Mie theory 1908. on the mobile phone 2008. Java Midlet based on Java ME by Thomas Wriedt.

Lorenz-Mie theory in absorbing host medium by Jeppe Revall Frisvad.


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