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The LVEC-MIE Fortran program by Victoria E. Cachorro Revilla calculates Mie scattering magnitudes: Mie scattering factors: (Qe,Qs,Qa), Mie intensities i1,i2, asimetry factor g, single scattering albedo w0.

A software package including Graphical User Interface (GUI) to calculate plane wave scattering from a chiral sphere. By V. Demir, A. Z. Elsherbeni, D. Worasawate, and E. Arvas.

  • Link (20 Jul 2009)

TAEMS by Julian P. Swartz is a Python program that computes analytical solutions for eigenmodes in rectangular, cylindrical and spherical cavities as well as the Mie series solution for the plane wave scattering of a PEC sphere.

  • Link (27 Jul 2009, 31 Jul 2015)

C++ Mie codes (Scalar, Vector, View) by Chris Godsalve. The codes integrate over a modified gamma distribution of particles sizes.

C++ Mie program printed in

Brian E. Johnson: The Mie scalterlng series and convergence acceleration. Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, 1997.

  • Link (24 Jul 2009)

Mie program for PDA (Pocket-PC) with Windows CE by Norbert Riefler. Based on the Matlab clone LME (Lightwave Math Engine).

  • Link (22 Jun 2009)

PROBEoptprops by Kaspar Ko is a graphical user interface (GUI) used to model the optical properties of single metal nanoparticles and uses a modification of the quasi-static approximation.

  • Link (24 Jul 2009)

Mathematica script by Gunnar Raschke to compute scattering by a sphere with outer shell.

  • Link (22 Jun 2009)

A set of Matlab programs by Tami Bond to calculate absorption, scattering and backscattering for spherical, coated or uncoated particles of lognormal or measured size distributions. There is also a utility to do several runs from parameters given in an Excel worksheet.

This Fortran program by Dan Bruton calculates scattering quantities for spheres with l outer layers, i.e., a core with l spherical concentric shells.

  • Link (22 Jun 2009)


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