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Various coated sphere or core shell Mie Fortran codes by Thomas P. Ackerman.

  • Link (11 Jul 2011, 31 Jul 2015)

Scattering of light from small sphere based on WebMathematica by Cheng Zhu and Tal Carmon.

  • Link (16 Apr 2010)

PROBEoptprops is a  MATLAB based graphical user interface (GUI) used to model the optical properties of single metal nanoparticles and uses a modification of the quasi-static approximation. Written by Kaspar Ko.

SimScat by Peter J.T. Verheijen can be used to calculate the light scattering pattern from a distribution of particles to analyze Laser Diffraction instruments.

  • Link (13 Apr 2010)

PROBEoptprops.zip is a graphical user interface (GUI, MATLAB) to model the optical properties of single metal nanoparticles that uses a modification of the quasi-static approximation.

Written by Kaspar Ko for PROBE Lab as a part of an independent study project under the guidance of K.C. Toussaint, Jr. in Summer 2008 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

  • Link (20 Apr 2011)

This FORTRAN code for spherical  scatterers with a complex permittivity and a complex permeability is listed in

Merril E. Milham, Electromagnetic scattering by magnetic spheres: theory and  algorithms, Edgewood Research Development and Engineering Center, ERDEC-TR-207,  Oct. 1994, ADA289798.

The size parameter may be as large as 23000.

  • Link, report (28 Sep 2009)
  • Link, local copy of the code (12 Apr 2010)

Online Mie scattering calculator written completely on PHP based on the Fortran code of Bohren-Huffman, by Pavel Zakharov.

  • Link (21 Sept 2010)

Improved light scattering program for coated spheres by Weiwei Cai, Laura Kranendonk, Tonghun Lee, Lin Ma.

LabView Mie scattering program by Martin Fierz.

  • Link (22 Apr 2010)

This set of Matlab programs by Tami Bond calculates absorption, scattering and backscattering for spherical, coated or uncoated particles of lognormal or measured size distributions. There is also a utility to do several runs from parameters given in an Excel worksheet.


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