01 | 06 | 2023

Jones Vector (Electric Field) Monte Carlo for simulation of Enhanced Backscattering in biological media byAndrew Radosevich.

NLOS Multiscatter (Non-line-of-sight multiple-scatter propagation model) by Hongwei Yin. Matlab code to compute optical propagation based on a Monte Carlo model.

  • Link (24 Aug. 2010)

A python package for analyzing digital holograms. Holopy's primary focus is fitting holograms using exact scattering models based on Lorenz-Mie or T-Matrix theory.

  • Link (12 Dec 2011)

A Matlab program, that models scattering using modified DDA calculation and the zeroeth degree radiative transfer theory. Matlab code printed in:

Timo Piepponen: Numerical modelling of the backscattering of dual-polarization weather radar. Master’s Thesis, Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki 2009.

  • Link (19 Oct 2009)

Various codes by Michael F. Modest to compute radiative heat transfer.

Link 11 Jun 2011

Open PaperOpt is a open source Monte Carlo light scattering tool for particle level simulation of light scattering including the BRDF of generated paper structures. By Ludovic Gustafsson Coppel, Per Edström, and Mikael Lindquister.


WINSPALL is a PC based software which computes the reflectivity of optical multilayer systems. It is based on the Fresnel equations and the matrix formalism. It can be used to analyze surface plasmon experiments. WINSPALL was developed in the Wolfgang Knoll group.

  • Link (22 Sept 2010)

Pol-MC by Daniel Côté, Alex Vitkin and Brian Wilson is a three-dimensional polarization-sensitive Monte Carlo algorithm for tissue optics.

This applet calculates the normalized (divided by volume and permittivity of free space) the polarizabilities of dielectric particles, by Mikko Pitkonen and Ari Sihvola.

EMpy (Electromagnetic Python) is a suite of algorithms widely knonw and used in electromagnetic problems and optics: the transfer matrix algorithm, the rigorous coupled wave analysis algorithm and more.


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